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Ten Tips on How to Design your Kitchen this 2019

Today, we’re so excited to share with you some fresh tips on how to design your kitchen for the coming year. If you haven’t updated your kitchen corner for a while, it’s about time you make some modifications so it can be more functional, more eco-friendly, and a lot better than in the previous year. Without further ado, here are ten things to keep in mind when you do a kitchen renovation!


Know your cooking habits

As they say, knowledge is power. In doing a kitchen design, you have to know your cooking habits first before picking or arranging appliances and cooking tools. Assess which of them you use more often, which specs of appliances best suit your habits, and which cooking techniques serve your needs best. When you have a healthy assessment of your cooking habits, you can design your kitchen well.


Make use of every space

Maximize every space in your kitchen by giving every centimetre a purpose. If you have not used the upper part of the wall for anything, install hanging shelves and place some succulents and indoor plants on them. Put jars of ingredients at the corner of the countertop or a small window if possible.


Choose environment-friendly tools and appliances

Aside from indoor plants that absorb the steam when you cook, go for environment-friendly equipment in order to protect the health of our planet. Choose appliances that use up less energy and emit less carbon to the atmosphere. With the effective campaign worldwide to reverse global warming, it’s easier to shop for eco-friendly appliances.


Improve air quality

In line with having a more eco-friendly kitchen, you should take steps to improve the air quality inside every time you cook. Choose a better exhaust equipment with stronger specifications to make sure all the steam gets cleaned before leaving your house. Eco-friendly exhaust systems are those that encourage more air to circulate throughout the building. You can even have a customized exhaust system that is designed according to your cooking habits.


Everything you need within reach

Another thing to take note is placing all your cooking needs within arm’s reach. Make sure you have a corner near the stove where you can place all the essential ingredients and utensils for cooking. If you can, you may also hire plumbing services Singapore contractors to install sink on the kitchen counter. With a sink within reach, you can prepare, cook, and clean up efficiently.


Think of the kids

If you have kids inside the house, make sure the utensils, glass jars, and other cooking items are located in cabinets that are out of their reach. This is pretty much automatic, but there are a few who still forgets to take this into consideration.


The sacred snack corner

We believe every part of the house should have a snack corner. It could be in a form of a small shelf, a small table, or a little cabinet dedicated for food that you can munch on should you crave for snacks while you’re cooking.


Leave some space to move around

In the name of convenience, have sufficient space for the walkway and exact cooking spots so people can move around with ease while in the kitchen. It’s important to take this into consideration before arranging the appliances or even before you buy them.


Concrete and glass are always better

Concrete counters and kitchen walls are always the best in terms of durability. Glass, on the other hand, are always easiest to clean. Consider these two materials in purchasing kitchen items and in constructing the different parts of the cooking area.



Cooking is a form of art! So make sure this place in your house is full of inspiring details and decorations. Create an aesthetic formula in your kitchen interior that will give you the inspiration you need while cooking.

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