Timeless Bedroom Wall Decorations to Consider

Okay, Moms Alert! Now that we’re welcoming 2019 in a few weeks, it’s about time we start planning for the perfect modification  to our sleeping corner. If you haven’t noticed it yet, bedroom is he part of the house that is least redesigned or renovated. Sure, we make minor changes every now and then but we don’t consider modifying it as often as we think about kitchen or living room redesign. The reason is pretty simple and obvious – it’s our private sleeping area where no people usually enter.

However, it’s safe to assume that a bedroom that is conducive for sleeping and waking up leads to a more productive life. If you can sleep well in the bedroom, it will lead to more quality sleep. And if your bedroom interior is full of inspiration, you’ll be energized to get up in the morning with so much enthusiasm for the whole day. As such, here are the best tips we’ve learned from the experts on how mothers like us should design our bedroom walls. Check them all out!


Window Wall Decor

Not all of us are blessed with a lot where we can build our home. In fact, most of us live in a unit inside a building with a limited space and ventilation. Thus, a window wall decor that is not a real window could be a great and unique design to our bedroom interior. This will create a different vibe inside the room every time you open your eyes to start your day.


Family Name Sign

How else can you stress out that your bedroom is private than by putting a family name sign on it. You can artistically paint your last name on a rectangular plank of wood and place it right at the headboard of your bed.


Painted Plates

If you’re one of those moms who have been keeping a lot of plates in the closet for years now, it’s time to make use of them. Well, not necessarily in the kitchen but on the walls of the bedroom. Artistically hang them in a corner of the wall after painting them with a specific color palette. This will add colors to your bedroom and reduce the unused items in your kitchen cabinet.


Gallery Wall

Who wouldn’t love to stare at pictures? It would really be nice to hang the happiest, most beautiful pictures of you and your family on the wall so you can stare at them first thing in the morning. Instead of just hanging them plainly on your bedroom wall, try placing them in between glass cases, then arrange them in a gallery right at the wall in front of your bed. This will increase your inspiration level the moment you wake up!



The Undying Framed Wall Painting

For those artistically inclined, you may want an abstract or floral painting on your wall. By all means, hang them creatively on those plain bedroom walls! It never is a cliche to hang wall paintings because they give an instant artsy touch to any area of the house, not to mention, they are so easy to find!

Reclaimed Wood Headboard Wall

Speaking of artsy, how about a whole headboard wall embedded with reclaimed wooded bars and planks that are painted with an ombre palette? With this at a corner of your bedroom, you really won’t need anything else. (Photo from Not on the High Street)







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