Human Food that You Can Feed Your Dogs

Dog lovers and dog parents speak the same language. Our dogs are our own children to whom we are willing to give only the best. We don’t treat them as animals who just eat leftover food from our table. Instead, we want to give them grand meals and snacks that will satisfy their cravings.

But all dog parents must take precaution when it comes to feeding their dogs. Let’s all keep in mind that the digestive tract of our pooches are different from human beings’. In fact, it’s widely known that healthy fruits for humans such as avocados and grapes are no-no’s for our furry family members. Our favorite dessert, chocolate, is so toxic for dogs that they cause vomiting, irregular heart function, and worse, death!

Okay, we don’t want to start and end with that negative statement so let’s now talk about everything positive when it comes to your dog’s diet. Today, we’re naming the different human food that are approved for our pooches. We arranged them according to health benefits so you’ll know which ones to feed to them more often and which ones to give in limited amounts. Without further ado, here they are!


Healthy Snacks and Food Mix

Apples, Bananas, and Oranges

Just like for humans, apples and oranges are also healthy for dogs. In fact, you don’t need to monitor their intake of these fruits and you can give these to them as healthy snacks and food mix everyday. However, be mindful not to feed your pooches with orange rind or apple and orange seeds.



Have you heard that corn is actually one of the key components of almost all dog food? Yes! If you haven’t read dog food labels yet, they largely consist of corn because of the latter’s health benefits.



Another nutritious snacks for dogs are eggs. They are packed with minerals so you can mix them with your pooch’s regular meals. However, eggs must be fully cooked before your dog can have them.



Rich in amino acids and calcium, fish is a great addition to your dog’s diet. Feed them to your dogs as treats or together with their regular food. Be mindful though that you can’t give them fish more than twice a week.


Limited Treats

Peanut Butter

I heard you say, if only your pooches can enjoy sweets as much as we do. Well, the good news is you can feed your furry friend one of humans’ sweetest desserts – peanut butter! Yes, they can have a limited amount of peanut butter because this type of sweets do not contain substances that are toxic for dogs. That means, even peanuts are safe to give to our pooches every once in a while.



Although most dogs are lactose intolerant, you can give them calcium-rich cheese as treats when they do something great. Give them cheese once or twice a week and that should be fine for their health.



Occasionally, you can also serve plain white bread to your pooches provided you go for no-preservative varieties. Be careful not to give them raisin or chocolate-filled bread because these ingredients are no-no for pooches.


Giving your furry babies flavorful human food is a great activity that you both can enjoy. However, you have to know which ones should be given in moderate quantities and which ones can be mixed with their regular meals. This way, your pooches won’t get bored with the same taste of dog food and you won’t worry if you’re feeding them well or not.

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