Top Three Interior Designers in Yishun

Who has time to beautify his home when all you want to do after work is to hit the bed and call it a day?

These days, you just can’t have it all! It’s either you’ll spend enough time turning your messy home into a stylish residence or you’ll leave the mess as is to finish work and earn tons of cash!

We usually prefer the latter because even when you’ve got the time, you still can’t come up with a beautiful home interior if you don’t have the skills to do it. Thus, in this post, we’re recommending some of the top interior designers in Yishun who will not waste your time nor money!

These top three Yishun interior designers know just what to do with your messy house. Check them out!

Chapter 13 Interior Design

Chapter 13 is an interior design company in Yishun that started humbly with a dream of two people – a contractor and  a designer. They just wanted to provide quality design services and yet offer cost effective packages. Now, they have grown into a team of almost 50 design and construction professionals who offer a wide range of services not only to homeowners but also to commercial clients. They offer a combination of design and construction services for clients who need minor or major property revamp. 

They turn boring and messy living rooms, bedrooms, and a whole house into brand new stylish ones. They also do renovation and interior design for restaurants, lobbies of hotels, boutiques, and shops.

Hash Interior Pte Ltd

Another interior design firm that can help you transform your home into something you’d love is Hash Interior Pte Ltd. This business also offers timely 3D Design Drawing and AutoCAD services to help you visualize the design that you like even when you can’t fully explain it. They also work with restaurant owners, retail shops, and others in the commercial sector.

  • Website: Hash Interior
  • Location: Google Map Link
  • Phone No: +65 9797 2718
  • Office Hours: Mon – Fri – 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Sat – Sun – Closed

Innovate Space

The last but not the least interior designer along Yishun that we’ll feature today is Innovate Space. This firm prides itself as an identity-based interior designer that brings out a design out of the client’s vision. They work with homeowners and brand managers of their commercial clients from conceptualization until the project gets completed and all through out the complicated processes in between. As they say, they aim to provide “effective solutions for both individual and roll-out identities.”

They treat themselves as “house doctors” who diagnose the problem, ask for the client’s requests, and formulate a solution therefrom. Their services include boutique and hospitality industry interior design and green design, among others.

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